Volunteer Energy vs MichCon/DTE Energy

Date VerifiedPlanRate per CcfSavings
7/16/2013month to month$0.5490-15%
6/16/2013month to month$0.5490-15%
5/20/2013month to month$0.5490-15%
3/21/2013month to month$0.46901%
3/21/2013June 2013 fixed$0.4990-6%
2/13/2013month to month$0.46901%
2/13/2013June 2013 fixed$0.4990-6%
1/14/20135% savings guarantee$0.45515%
11/24/2012month to month$0.51501%
11/24/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
11/24/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
10/20/2012month to month$0.49904%
10/20/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
10/20/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
9/8/2012month to month$0.49904%
9/8/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
9/8/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
8/11/2012month to month$0.50802%
8/11/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
8/11/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
7/15/2012month to month$0.47908%
7/15/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
7/15/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
6/12/2012month to month$0.369029%
6/12/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
6/12/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
5/10/2012month to month$0.459011%
5/10/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
5/10/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
4/10/2012month to month$0.459011%
4/10/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49904%
4/10/20125% savings guarantee$0.49215%
3/15/2012month to month$0.5590-11%
3/6/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49901%
3/6/20125% savings guarantee$0.47795%
2/15/2012month to month$0.5590-11%
2/15/2012March 2013 fixed$0.49901%
2/15/20125% savings guarantee$0.47795%

4 thoughts on “Volunteer Energy vs MichCon/DTE Energy

  1. The rates found on the VE website are not the same as the rate you would receive from a direct agent, just so you know. VE encourages people to be educated on why to choose a natural gas supplier and therefore encourages people to enroll with direct agents instead of online through their website.

  2. Are the advertisements I get in the mail from Volunteer Energy also not the lowest rate? I’d have to assume so, because I received one several months ago that was advertising a higher rate than their own website the same day. I don’t doubt one could call an agent and get a better rate. Probably similar to how Comcast gives better rates when an agent shows up at your door or you call and complain enough. Unless you want to post the “best” rates for me to post here (which I will still only have your word are true), I will stick with published content that can be verified by others.

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